Why Study TCM?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is gaining general acceptance and popularity in many countries.

Since Ancient time, TCM had been well-practised. With civilisation of the human beings, more and more people are turning back to natural treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicines have somehow gain its popularity and people are adopting Chinese Medicines as part of a holistic treatment approach.

According to the China's 'One Belt, One Road' initiatives, China will expand cooperation on TCM with countries along the Silk Road. Therefore, with the lead in China, it has adopted strenuous standards for TCM Education, TCM Medical Centres and hospitals.

TCM has been playing an active role in the prevention and treatment of epidemics, infectious diseases like AIDS, malaria, and medical assistance to foreign countries.  More and more countries are responding actively in their own ways.


Why Study TCM in Philippines?


Philippines population is almost 18 times bigger than Singapore!

In Singapore, there are more than 2000 registered TCM Doctors & Acupuncturists to serve the nation.

TCM Doctors are allowed to practise acupuncture and prescribe Chinese herbal formulation for treatment and therapy.

Acupuncturists are allowed to perform acupuncture.

Singapore Population: 5,784,538
Philippines Population: 103,796,832
Note: Statistics taken is based on 2016

Needless to say further, what opportunity do you think you stand the chance to seize with such a big country as compare to Singapore?

Moreover, as a TCM Practitioner, you are not just confined in Philippines or Singapore; the world becomes your oysters!


Why Study through us?

We possess an existing pool of experienced Trainers from Singapore, China & the Philippines. Our mission is to train and equip professional TCM Doctors capable of delivering efficient and effective healthcare services and providing treatment to patients using both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture.

The course will incorporate practicums which are intense and rigorous so that their skillsets could be honed and that they would excel in their clinical practice.

Prior to the above, we have collaborated Top universities such as University of Makati, Philippines (UMAK) and University of Nanjing of Chinese Medicine, China (UNJCM).  All the certificates will be under either/both universities. With this advantage, once you graduated you can always start to practice as a professional Doctor.

Table shows the various legislative situation in Nations Globally

Table Shows The Breakdown of the number of TCM clinics and TCM practitioners in various countries