Our Story

https://paslpossion.com/zhyar-nad-gronom-zakladki-v-nalichii-amfetamin-boshki-kokain-spais-ekstazi-mdma-gashish-geroin-mef-mefedron-skorost.html We start off with a TCM Clinic in Manila, Philippines. As the number of patients grow each month and more and more Filipinos are asking how to start TCM as their career especially after seeing the efficacy of Chinese Medicine. Seeing this need, we decided to contact University of Makati and University of Nanjing of Chinese Medicine for collaboration.

As you know that Philippines is English speaking country and do not utter a single Chinese word. Due to their enthusiasm and their beliefs in the wonders of TCM, a handful of them decided to study TCM. After months of recruitment and preparation, we managed to get our first batch of students started.

Due to positive result, we would like to extend our invitation to non-Chinese speaking friends out there to learn TCM without much difficulty.